Saturday, June 18, 2011

Mystical Apparition

Moon struck with luck a picture of perfection and the motions of my worn hearts abolition, entering into sight and floating flawless a beauty of the night. A mystical mythical outline shown with lunar rays falling a magical haze. Coming nearer and growing dearer. Through desire my eyes see to hear as I am caused in my waiting where dark shadows are overtaking.

Dense lit cloudiness falls and rolls moving to rise then drop into the night vanishing from sight as this apparition comes nearer, becoming clearer. Commanded in this spaces place where time is fixed upon this moments grace. I am held a witness to this ghosted drifting where I see better the being of my feeling strode up to this eves quaint, an image vague and outline faint a strolling figure, ever prettier.

Glazes of emeralds, her eyes are as shimmering reflections of sparkling light piercing the clouded shroud she wears. Calling in me to those deepening things caught and felt, that later get fought until again they are sought only to be guarded an kept stove. Silenced inward, mourned by sharing then neatly tucked away with caring. Radiant as she walks with glances to chances held in precious solitude.

Followed by the majestic moons glow as it floods her steps with luminescence pouring from the sky. Filling up the moment as she enters it like a "pool of moon bright contained in a pond of dark rising around her," flowing into the night and rolling with the thickly clouded air that gets colored a celestial luminous shade.

With heavens sparkly dance firefly's are courted from above by nights starry romance. Twinkles playful trysts, orchestrated in the fields of darkend mist. Lively spectacles appear then stop as if to hop into the sky catching my eye. Star light-firefly bright sing to me this wonderous night. Where sighted voices flit then flick a chorus from above to a tempo of the harmony of natures earthly lighted bliss. Ended now she glides yet softly here, a moment of time owning more than I can see. She exits my thoughts to enter as a memory. Leaving spirited as she appeared, still a mystery.

Thank You Lumara